Insurance scams

Beware of phony insurance

Beware of phony auto insurance policies. I have met Defendants who were not my clients, that claimed they purchased vehicle insurance from someone at a coffee shop. Now this is problematic for several reasons, as you are most likely not insured legally. And in the event of an accident you may be personally liable. So our advice to you, is to avoid purchasing insurance policies from strangers at coffee shops.

What happens if you don’t pay for legitimate auto insurance?

From a police perspective, you will most likely be charged with an offence under the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, specifically Owner Operate a Motor Vehicle – Without Insurance.

For a first offence, you are facing a minimum $5,000 fine plus court costs and victim fine surcharges, which totals approximately $6,185.

Remember, that is the minimum you can be facing, as a maximum fine of $25,000 plus court costs and victim fine surcharge, can surpass a total of $30,000. On a subsequent second offence, the fine doubles!

So it is your responsibility to ensure that any Insurance you purchase is from a legitimate Insurance Company

Demerit Points

Many people believe, that since No Insurance charges do not carry demerit points, it won’t affect their insurance rates and premiums?

That belief is incorrect.  Since Convictions; the frequency of how many convictions you receive, and the nature of your convictions can all affect your insurance rates and Premiums.

There are numerous other factors that insurance companies use to determine insurance fee adjustments. To fully understand those possible increases to your insurance rates, you are advised to check with your insurance company directly.

As only your Insurer can provide you with correct answers

Fighting and Defending No Insurance

If you believe you have a defence to the charge of No Insurance, or you are not quite sure, but think you may have a defence to the charge, you are invited to contact us.

We can help guide you through the legal process, and can help to understand your options and also defend you against the charge(s).

We have had great success in defending thousands of No Insurance charges, and have saved our Clients thousands of dollars.

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No Insurance

Unlike the other Highway Traffic Act related offences, Owner Operate Motor Vehicle without Insurance, Section 2.1 under Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, if convicted of this offence, it will carry significant financial penalties.

On a first offence it carries a minimum of a $5,000 set fine, plus court costs. Or up to a $25,000 fine, plus court costs. On a subsequent offence, the minimum fine is much higher & carries a minimum of a $10,000 fine plus court costs, and the potential for the court to also suspend your driving licence for up to 1 year, as well as imposing the minimum fine. Or up to a maximum $50,000 fine plus court costs.

PLEASE NOTE: All convictions will stay on your driving record and could affect your insurance costs.

Lighthouse Legal Service has the experience to defend your No Insurance charge. Lighthouse will strive to do all they can to eliminate your No Insurance charges. If unable to do so, we will vigorously advocate for a fine below the prescribed minimum amount if at all possible. It is important to note, the Court has the final say on what penalties are imposed.

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