CVOR Points

The Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) system was created to promote road safety, and to provide a framework for the Ministry of Transportation to inspect and enforce commercial vehicle laws.

While demerit points affect all drivers, CVOR are specifically tailored to impact Commercial Drivers and can have a significant impact on their carriers’ insurance premiums.

Brian Morris has dealt with many different fleet carriers over the years. He helps many commercial drivers who have been charged with CVOR related offences. Commercial drivers are naturally concerned about the outcome if they are facing the prospect of losing their drivers licence and / or employment, which could happen if they accumulate too many CVOR points.

As soon as we are retained by you, we will work hard to protect your best interests. The Lighthouse Legal Services team fully understands that when you’re dealing with CVOR points, that they are also dealing with an individual’s career.

We have the experience to help you explore every possible option for fighting your Ticket and those CVOR points.

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