Demerit Points

Don’t collect too many demerit points, or you could be facing a driver licence suspension.  Demerit points can also cause your auto insurance rates to increase. It is important to know what consequences and penalties you are facing when charged with a traffic ticket.

Novice Driver’s face a 30 day suspension if convicted of any 4+ demerit point offence. Click on Novice Drivers to learn more about escalating sanctions for novice drivers.

Full G class driver’s face an Ministry of Transporation interview if they accumulate 9 demerit points, and face an automatic suspension if they accumulated 15 demerit points.

A list of the most common charges with demerit points:

7 Demerit Points

  • Fail to Remain

6 Demerit Points

  • Stunt Driving or Racing
  • Careless Driving
  • Speeding 50 km/hr or greater over the posted speed limit
  • Fail to Stop for School Bus

4 Demerit Points

  • Following Too Closely
  • Speeding 30-49 km/her over the posted speed limit

3 Demerit Points

  • Red Light – Fail to Stop
  • Disobey Stop Sign – Fail to Stop
  • Drive-Hand-Held Communication Device
  • Unsafe Lane Change
  • Speeding 16-29 km/her over the posted speed limit

2 Demerit Points

  • Driver – Fail to Properly Wear Seatbelt
  • Disobey Sign
  • Turn – Not in Safety
  • Change Lane – Not in Safety

To find out what other charges carry demerit points, please contact us.

You can also visit e-Laws to learn more.