Quarantine Act Tickets

People make mistakes when under the stress of crossing the border. If you were charged under the Quarantine Act, you’re in the right place.

Lighthouse has partnered with a team of paralegals who have trailblazed these types of offences and have defended thousands across the province.

Quarantine Act tickets are not “normal” provincial tickets– they are federal contraventions, and they fall under a completely different set of laws and rules to make them valid. These tickets also come with extremely high fines.

These types of tickets include those for refusing the quarantine hotel, bringing an incorrect test (or no test at all), refusing orders from a screening officer, or refusing to fill out ArriveCan. We have seen fines range from $1,500 to a Crown request of $100,000– these are taken extremely seriously by the courts, and are not invalid. They come with very serious consequences if you do not respond to them, fight them, or pay them.

These tickets may seem minor, or not real at all– but they are completely real, and valid. The prosecutors will want their pound of flesh, so make sure you have the right advocates in your corner. Despite what social media suggests, these tickets are not being thrown out indiscriminately– they are being withdrawn on merits, but that’s it.

Please contact us for help with these complicated charges and we can let you know all about our thoughts on how to handle it– and try to get you the best results possible.