Figuring out “whether or how to” Appeal a conviction is very complicated. It can also leave Appellants’ feeling very frustrated throughout the process. Most self-represented Appellants will make the mistake of not knowing what the legitimate grounds are, for launching an Appeal. Nor will they necessarily know what paperwork they will need to complete and submit to the Courts, and the Prosecution.

Without the proper training, and expertise it can be a very daunting task. Appeal matters are time-consuming and difficult to navigate the necessary procedures, for individuals unfamiliar with the Appeal process.

For many people, having a drivers’ license is essential to their livelihood. They can’t afford to lose the use of their Drivers licence and the ability to drive. You need to guard against making serious mistakes at this level of proceedings. That’s why it’s important to retain experienced representation. Lighthouse Legal Services has the relevant expertise gained from representing clients in a variety of Appeal proceedings.

Generally, most appeals focus on an Appellant who was unable to attend Court, or the Appellant is appealing the fine because they were not present during their conviction. Other Appeal matters might focus on the Learned Justices decision, and whether it can be found that they made a legal error in finding the Defendant guilty.

Ultimately, it is important to be diligent in first securing knowledge of whether or not you actually have the valid grounds required to successfully appeal a conviction, a sentence, or to appeal on both grounds.

Lighthouse Legal Services has spent years appearing before the Ontario Courts of Justice in Toronto, Brampton (and Mississauga), Oshawa (Whitby), Newmarket, Windsor, and Newmarket fighting for its clients’ convictions to be overturned.  It has a proven track record of advocating successfully for clients, has represented them in appeals since 2004, and has argued on behalf of clients for numerous wrongful convictions.

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