No Insurance

Unlike the other Highway Traffic Act related offences, Owner Operate Motor Vehicle without Insurance, Section 2.1 under Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, if convicted of this offence, it will carry significant financial penalties.

On a first offence it carries a minimum of a $5,000 set fine, plus court costs. Or up to a $25,000 fine, plus court costs. On a subsequent offence, the minimum fine is much higher & carries a minimum of a $10,000 fine plus court costs, and the potential for the court to also suspend your driving licence for up to 1 year, as well as imposing the minimum fine. Or up to a maximum $50,000 fine plus court costs.

PLEASE NOTE: All convictions will stay on your driving record and could affect your insurance costs.

Lighthouse Legal Service has the experience to defend your No Insurance charge. Lighthouse will strive to do all they can to eliminate your No Insurance charges. If unable to do so, we will vigorously advocate for a fine below the prescribed minimum amount if at all possible. It is important to note, the Court has the final say on what penalties are imposed.

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