Red Light – Fail to Stop

Red Light – Fail to Stop is a 3 demerit point offence, which carries a set fine of $260.00, and total fine of $325.00 which are issued generally under part one offence notice / traffic ticket.

Attending Court

Lighthouse Legal Services may or may not require you to attend your Red Light – Fail to Stop trial date. Your attendance requirements will only be known after we have been retained, and have ordered and reviewed disclosure with you. There are many factors in determining if you should or must attend a trial date, but that may not be known at the beginning of the legal process.  So when you are considering hiring a paralegal, please keep in mind that we may need you to attend your court date with us, to defend your charge. Although the law may not require for you to attend, if you have hired legal representation, it may be in your interest to follow your legal representatives advice.

Would I have to Testify?

It depends on a variety factors, and may not be known until further down the legal process. There is always a possibility of testifying, but ultimately it is the Defendants’ choice to testify or not. If you are attending court, we have published a list of do’s and dont’s to follow (this does not include any legal advice).

What Courts do you Attend?

We fight your traffic charges across Ontario.

Red Light Traffic Ticket vs. Red Light Camera Ticket

Red Light Traffic Tickets which are issued by the police officers are more serious than Red Light camera tickets. The total fines of $325.00 are identical, but the offence of red light traffic ticket goes against the driver of a motor vehicle, which can affect your driving record and auto insurance rates. Whereas, red light camera tickets goes against the owner of the vehicle, and does not at this time impact your driving record or auto insurance rates.

Do you fight Red Light Camera Offences

No, we at Lighthouse Legal Services do not fight Red Light camera charges, as they do not impact auto insurance, or your driving record.

Do I have to pay my Red Light Camera offence ticket?

You still have the option of fighting your red light camera charge, if you so choose.

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