Driving While Under Suspension

Driving While Under Suspension is Highway Traffic Act charge.

This offence does not carry demerit points. But it may have a significant impact by increasing your costs for auto insurance. If convicted of this charge, you will face a 6 month driving suspension, and a minimum of a $1,000 fine for a first offence, and a minimum fine of $2,000 for subsequent offences. It is very important to consider fighting this charge, so as to avoid a lengthy driving suspension.

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Traffic lawyers and paralegals understand that this charge is commonly laid by police officers, because driver’s have outstanding unpaid fines. There are also other reasons for why a driver may be charged with Driving while under suspension. Reasons for licence suspensions may include a medical suspension, family responsibility office (FRO) suspension, or court ordered suspension. It is important to know why your licence suspension occurred, or if it was due to an administrative error, or another reason. Find out if you have valid defence, or need help defending the charge by contacting us for a FREE consultation.

Driver licence suspensions can possibly be avoided. Lighthouse Legal Services has a licensed paralegal with the knowledge to help you defend your charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us, in order to understand what legal options you may have.

Driving While Under Suspension tickets (summons) are laid under Part 3 proceedings under the Provincial Offences Act, through a summons. If you do not hire legal representation, it is essential that you do appear on the First Appearance date as commanded by the Summons. If you decide to hire legal representation, ( a Traffic Lawyer or Licensed Paralegal ) they may be able to appear on your behalf, without your presence being required.

It is strongly recommend that you seek legal advice regarding this offence, in order to try to avoid the 6 month licence suspension.

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