Lighthouse Welcomes a New Owner

Dear Valued Client,

After 15 years in the industry and defending over 10,000 cases, I have decided to leave the industry and have officially transferred control of Lighthouse Legal Services to my esteemed colleague Ms. Jenna Little, MBA.

Jenna and I spent many years together working as a team out of Mississauga. There is no one I trust more to assist you in defending your traffic tickets than Jenna. She has extensive experience in representing clients all across Ontario, and is very knowledge when it comes to appeal matters, accident matters, speeding matters, charter applications, federal contraventions, and CVOR tickets.

Jenna has now taken over operations, will manage all files, and appear on your court dates, so please remember to contact her when your court date arrives in the mail– or if you need help with something new!

It’s been my pleasure to assist you for you case; you are in extremely capable hands.


Brian Morris