Company Charter

Our Pledge to the Clients:

“We believe in customer care and service. We want our clients to feel welcomed, informed, educated, and well served.”

  • Education – Lighthouse will educate its clients, to ensure they understand current laws and regulations.
  • Preparation – Lighthouse will investigate clients legal options thoroughly, to ensure our clients make a full answer and defence.
  • Advocacy – Lighthouse will use the experience built from representing more than 5,000 clients and training numerous lawyers and paralegals since 2008 to advocate vigorously before the Provincial and Appeal Courts.


Our Pledge to the Community:

“Lighthouse will strive to be a standard bearer for the legal industry, with a commitment to sustainable business practices and a goal to partner with not-for-profit, community service initiatives.”

  • Community – Lighthouse believes in being a community partner. It will pledge 2% of pre-tax profits to local charities.
  • Sustainability – Lighthouse believes in being a world partner, and pledges to manage its carbon footprint responsibly and operate its business sustainably.


Our Pledge to the Employees:

“Employee pride is essential, and Lighthouse’s human resource methods will be enlightened.”

  • Advancement – Lighthouse will value, promote and offer support to employees who continue their employment-related education.
  • Flexible Hours – Lighthouse believes employees know how to manage their own work schedules responsibly, while still meeting the company’s and its client’s needs.
  • Profit sharing – Our Company believes in sharing success. Lighthouse employees will be rewarded for delivering a high standard of customer care and sustainable business results.